Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Detailed Schedule

The following represents the scheduled time and formal participants for each panel; the titles are provisional. We hope to have an updated schedule, with finalized titles, soon.
All panels will be held in the Tsai Auditorium, Center for Government and International Studies, 1730 Cambridge St, Cambridge MA.

Friday September 25

10:00 Welcoming Remarks

10:15-12:30 Panel 1: Politics Between Utopia and Reality
Michael Walzer -- Should We Reclaim Political Utopianism
Malachi Hacohen --Cosmopolitanism, the European Nation State and Jewish Life: Berlin and Popper
Chair: Stanley Hoffmann
Discussant: Peter Eli Gordon

12:30-2:15 Lunch

2:15-4:30 Panel 2: Literature and the History of Ideas
Svetlana Boym -- Dialogues on Liberty Beyond the Cold War: Isaiah Berlin and Anna Akhmatova
Alan Ryan -- The History of Ideas as Psychodrama
Chair: Nancy Rosenblum
Discussant: Louis Menand

We hope, in addition, to organize an informal 'multi-media' session

Saturday September 26

10:15-12:30 Panel 3: Liberty and Liberalism
Janos Kis -- Berlin's Two Concepts of Positive Liberty
Martha Nussbaum -- Political Liberalism and Comprehensive Liberalism
Chair: T.M. Scanlon
Discussant: Erin Kelly

12:30-2:15 lunch

2:15-4:30 Panel 4: Pluralism: Historical Origins and Philosophical Foundations
Pratap Mehta -- What is Pluralism and How Does it Matter?
Bernard Yack -- The Significance of Berlin's Counter-Enlightenment
Chair: Emma Rothschild
Discussant: Ioannis Evrigenis

5:00-6:00 Special Session
Amartya Sen: What Difference Does Pluralism Make?
Chair: Michael Rosen

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Isaiah Berlin Centennial Conference -- List of Participants

Invited speakers will include:

Svetlana Boym, Harvard University
Malachi Haim Hacohen, Duke University
Janos Kis, Central European University and New York University
Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Center for Policy Research, New Delhi and New York University Law School
Martha Nussbaum, University of Chicago
Alan Ryan, University of Oxford and Princeton University
Amartya Sen, Harvard University
Michael Walzer, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Bernard Yack, Brandeis University

Each panel will also include a chair and respondent; these will include:

Peter Eli Gordon, History, Harvard University
Erin Kelly, Philosophy, Tufts University
Louis Menand, English, Harvard University
Emma Rothschild, History, Harvard University and Centre for History and Economics, University of Cambridge
T.M. Scanlon, Philosophy, Harvard University